For HNW Individuals

Diversify your cash
savings and optimise the
use of multiple Deposit Guarantee Schemes, within the relevant domestic limits.

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For Wealth Managers

A cost efficient tool
to offer your clients a way
to actively manage their cash
savings, whilst keeping client

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For Deposit Banks

Attract diversified,
stable and Basel III friendly
funding from across the EU in
the currency and maturity required.

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How SAFENED works

SAFENED allows wealth managers to allocate their clients’ term deposits over multiple North Western European banks in multiple EU countries under several deposit guarantee schemes in a very cost efficient manner. SAFENED does not offer its services directly to the end client, being the High Net Worth Individual.

Multiple Banks and Wealth Managers in Multiple Countries

SAFENED has built, and is continuing to build, a European network of Partner Banks. Currently, the Partner Banks are located in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the Benelux, Germany and France, whilst the wealth managers are and can be based in all countries of the EU. Only banks and wealth managers who are financially sound and of good reputation can join the SAFENED network.

SAFENED can, if needed, administer and assess allocations and placements, offer transparent statements and supply your Deposit Guarantee Schedules which you have to submit regularly to your regulator.

One Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process

A critical element of the SAFENED business model is a single onboarding process through a standardized customer due diligence policy covering the requirements of Partner Banks (and their regulators) in our core markets. The Wealth Manager (an EU regulated financial institution) has already onboarded a client and provides SAFENED with a KYC file containing the information required for using the SAFENED platform. SAFENED only offers its services to EU residents with an EU bank account and as such the platform is a closed loop system. (Cash transfers only to and from ‘known’ accounts.)

Multiple Deposit Guarantee Schemes

Through SAFENED you can select deposits that are eligible for coverage under different national deposit guarantee schemes of some of the strongest economies of the EU. That is why our Partner Banks are based in the aforementioned countries.

For HNW Individuals

As a High Net Worth Individual you often spread your investments into different asset classes like real estate, bonds, stocks etc, depending on how much risk you are willing to take, both presently and in the future. In most cases you probably have a long term relationship with your wealth manager and they manage your wealth, based on a mutually agreed risk profile. Whilst there are extensive possibilities to diversify your equity portfolio, most people place all their cash savings solely at their own Private Bank. Research shows that as much as 50-65% of the assets of HNWIs are held in deposits.

At SAFENED we believe that your cash savings should be your lowest risk asset class and equally as diversified as your other assets classes.

So, if you have large cash savings at one bank you are taking unnecessary concentration risk and not optimising your yield (interest) on these cash savings.

Banks don’t like big term deposits, and you have probably noticed this by the simple fact that, in most cases, the higher your term deposit is the lower interest your bank is willing to give to you.

In some cases banks don’t even accept large cash deposits. As big deposits are riskier for banks they will often discourage this by offering lower interest or even no interest at all on big deposits.

SAFENED allows you to spread your savings over multiple countries in the European Union under multiple deposit guarantee schemes, thus lowering your risk and increasing your yield.

If you are interested in SAFENED’s services, please ask your wealth manager for further information or contact us at

For Wealth Managers

SAFENED allows wealth managers to allocate their clients’ term deposits over multiple banks in multiple North Western European countries under multiple deposit guarantee schemes in a very cost efficient manner. Typical Wealth Managers include private banks, broker dealers, family offices, etc. who are servicing High Net Worth Individuals, or clients with more than (the equivalent of) EUR 100,000 in cash savings.

As a Wealth Manager you can structure a diversified cash portfolio, by selecting eligible countries, currencies, interest rates and maturities of term deposit products offered by Partner Banks.

The Wealth Manager who offers this new cash product to their its clients generates extra income and acts in the interest of the client without losing client ownership.

In line with customer centricity, the Wealth Manager will be explicitly warned for FX risk and for exceeding the Deposit Guarantee Scheme coverage.

The portal provides a comprehensive tool to manage and reallocate clients deposits, offers aggregate tax- and financial reports and offers a plug and play solution.

The portal is offered free of charge to Wealth Managers and is open to EU citizens with an EU bank account.

For deposit taking private banks SAFENED also offers solutions through its platform to decrease retail funding whilst keeping client ownership.

This is however, only a snapshot of possibilities and services that SAFENED can offer. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at

For Partner Banks

The typical Partner Bank will have its Headquarters in North Western Europe (Scandinavia, Germany, UK, Benelux and France) and is continuously looking for ways to improve its funding strategy.

SAFENED offers in fact a wholesale marketplace for retail funding by allowing deposit taking banks to define exact retail funding target volumes per maturity and currency, which allows for a more robust and efficient ALM planning. Traditional retail funding campaigns are expensive and difficult to control, especially in saturated home markets.

By using SAFENED you can attract retail funding in other European markets where you do not have a market presence. SAFENED offers you an additional funding instrument and improves your profitability by moving your uninsured deposit base to an insured diversified, stable and Basel III friendly term deposit base. As explained in our white paper, the advantage can be over 30 bps.

If you are a deposit taking bank seeking to optimize your retail funding and are covered by a North-Western European deposit guarantee scheme

SAFENED would welcome the opportunity to discuss a partnership. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Diversified, stable and
Basel III friendly funding
from across the EU
in the currency and maturity required.

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Security & Trust

SAFENED has invested over 2 years in building a proprietary platform. Customer centricity has been leading in designing a transparent and secure business model.


Highly secured, safe and transparent platform

SAFENED has developed a highly secured and transparent operational platform, is compliant with the highest standard to ensure fast en fully secured flow of funds. As we are not bound to legacy IT systems our platform is very transparent and able to generate all desired information and statements.


Financial Conduct Authority

SAFENED is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (Reference number: 705849).


Secure processing and highest standards

SAFENED has built a robust IT platform with the highest standards in secure processing and risk management. SAFENED’s IT infrastructure is hosted in a PCI compliant environment.


Privacy data protection

SAFENED complies with the strictest personal data protection laws in Europe.


Our Mission

SAFENED enables you as High Net Worth Individual, Bank and Wealth Manager to make cash savings as well diversified as other asset classes, by offering a highly secure platform to easily select, open and actively manage multiple deposit accounts within the European Union.

SAFENED was founded in 2013 and has its UK headquarters in London and its Continental European offices in Amsterdam.

SAFENED is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution.



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